Reducing Fire Spread in High-Rise Residential Buildings

Free Event – The Gherkin, London

Following the disaster at Grenfell and the numerous balcony fires that have happened during last year, we have been working with a number of highly respected leaders in the industry to try and improve fire safety. We are hoping to drive change to the British Standards, fire regulation and increase fire awareness.

The theme for the event is reducing fire spread in high rise residential buildings. The event will start with an industry leadership roundtable panel discussing key direction for the future from 8:00AM-11:00AM – by invitation only.

Afternoon CPD Sessions

We would like to invite you to attend our CPD sessions in the afternoon to explore balcony design, reducing fire spread and more. CPDs:

The Essentials of Class A Decking CPD: 10:30AM – 1 Hour CPD  Presented by MyDek

Balcony Fire CPDs: 11:30AM & 14:30PM – 45min Sapphire CPD

No Fire Without Smoke CPD: 11:30AM – 1 Hour CPD Presented by Sertus. (Concurrent to Balcony Fire CPD at 11:30AM)

Balcony Design CPD: 13:00PM – 1 Hour Sapphire CPD

Open state and full-fill cavity barriers CPD: 13:00PM – 1 Hour CPD Presented by Siderise (Concurrent to Balcony Design CPD 13:00)

BSI Balcony Standard CPD: 14:30PM – 1 Hour Sapphire CPD (Concurrent to Fire CPD at 14:30)

Passive Fire Protection CPD: 15:30PM – 1 Hour CPD (Concurrent to Balconies: From Fires to ‘The Ban’ CPD at 15:30) Presented by Quelfire

Balconies: From Fires to ‘The Ban’: 15:30PM – 1 Hour CPD

This event will be CPD Accredited and all presentations will be offering CPD points. Certificates upon request can be issued to confirm this.

When: 4th September 2019
Where: 38th Floor, The Gherkin, St Mary’s Axe

If you are interested in attending any of these presentations, please register below.

Contact Regan Cook – or call 0118 402 4934 if you have any questions.

The Essentials of Class A Decking CPD - 10:30AM

Discover what makes a great aluminium decking system and explore powder coating standards and quality...

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Balcony Fires CPD - 11:30AM

Learn how to design your balcony without increasing fire risk...

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No Fire Without Smoke CPD - 11:30AM

‘No Fire Without Smoke’ seminar provides an introduction to Smoke Control in the built environment...

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Balcony Design CPD - 13:00PM

Explore best practices for material choice and design...

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Open state and full-fill cavity barriers CPD - 13:00PM

An overview of legislative and functional performance requirements for the provision of cavity barriers...

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BSI Balcony Standard CPD - 14:30PM

Explore the upcoming BSI balcony standard with our Technical Director...

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Fire CPD - 14:30PM

Learn how to design your balcony without increasing fire risk...

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Passive Fire Protection CPD - 15:30PM

Explore best practices Effective Passive Fire Protection for Gaps and Penetrations in Buildings – Presented by Quelfire...

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Balconies: From Fires to 'The Ban' - 15:30PM

Explore  the progression of balcony fires and relevant guidance, Cladding Ban and laminate glass...

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