Wembley Alto, London

Client:   Quintain Estates

Contractor:   Wates Construction

Architect:   Flanagan Lawrence

Location:   Brent, London

Balconies:   372 Cassette® Balconies

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The Wembley Alto project had an array of challenges from the long projection of the balconies to the internal fan extraction into the balconies. Other requirements included the need for top-down installation to save time, GRC effect on balconies and balcony lighting.


Sapphire’s innovative Glide-On™ connectors enabled a Rigid connection back to the building that far outperforms the British Standards L/180 structural deflection limits. With some of the balconies having a 1725mm projection, by BS EN Standards, this would be allowed to deflect by 9.6mm at the extent.

Installation process

Step 1: Using Sapphire’s own cast-in anchors, the client was able to ensure balcony rigidity and end user experience.

Step 2: Balcony Cassettes® were manufactured and stored off-site enabling quality production and security.

Step 3: Factory finished balconies are delivered to site in order of top-down install sequence enabling the balconies to be installed while scaffolding was still on the floors below, saving time and money on the construction program.

Step 4: Using Sapphire’s innovative counter-balance technology, the balconies were lifted into position and glided onto the brackets and secured.


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