Green Man Lane

Client:   Rydon Construction/London Borough of Ealing

Contractor:   Rydon Construction

Architect:   Frederick Gibberd

Location:   Ealing, West London

Balconies:   117 Cassette® Balconies

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Needing to maintain the aesthetic appeal of Green Man Lane from the initial phase but with an upgrade, the client needed a leading balcony provider that could supply a range of balcony types, including projecting and inset balconies with different balustrades, that would still blend seamlessly with previous phases whilst meeting privacyand drainage requirements.


Our Cassette® balconies combined the requirement for a range of projecting and inset balconies, which were positively drained, whilst still meeting the rapid install deadlines and privacy requirements. With a mix of balcony components, including opaque glass and end boxes, Sapphire was still able to maintain atheistic feel that encompasses Green Man Lane.

Installation process

Step 1: 350 one piece M30 anchors were cast-in with the slab and incorporated the thermal break connections offering superior rigidity to the finished balconies.

Step 2: Preassembled Cassette® balconies are manufactured and stored at our Thetford production and secure storage facility.

Step 3: With the balcony production being off-site, balconies were delivered ready for the install team to complete lift into place and secure.

Step 4: Once lifted into position, the Cassettes® simply ‘glide’ on to the pre-erected brackets, before completing the simple mechanical fixings.

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